Element E4SW6518RKU TV Parts Repair Kit 756TXICB01K004 / PLTVHI401XAGE / RUNTKB116ZZ / 317GAAWF660LON

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Brand: Element 
Compatible Model:
Element E4SW6518RKU

Description: LED TV Parts Repair Kit
Board / Part Number: KIT includes

  • Main board: 756TXICB01K004 / 715G8501-M01-B00-005T / (X)XICB01K004
  • Power Supply board: PLTVHI401XAGE / 715G9582-P01-000-003S
  • T-Con board: RUNTKB116ZZ / PANDA650 UHD
  • WiFi Module: 317GAAWF660LON   

Notes / Comments: Please make sure you are ordering the right part number. Same model TVs can use different part numbers.

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