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Terms and Conditions

Notice to the General Public

TV Parts Guy is primarily a B2B parts supplier. However, we understand that
sometimes, individual DIYer's have the desire to save time, money, and the
hassles of dealing with a TV
repair shop. We understand that need and we are
happy to announce that we are open for business to the General Public as
prescribed below.

Given that, we also want the General Public to understand that fixing TV's is no
simple matter. TV repair involves a lot of nuances and specialized knowledge
of closed circuit systems where it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the
exact problem, despite what any "tech manual" or tech support may prescribe
as a solution.

As such, we strongly encourage the General Public to seek out trained TV
repair professionals when in doubt. For your convenience, we've created a
directory of TV Repair Shops across the USA that we can vouch for their reliability,
consistency, and expertise.

Policy for the General Public*

The General Public is welcome to purchase from our site under the guidelines
set forth:
  • All returns will be for Store Credit of the purchase price only
  • No refunds will be issued on General Public purchases
  • Exchanges for the same item will be permitted
  • Exchanges for a different item wherein the buyer pays the difference, if applicable, will be permitted
  • All return shipping for store credit or an exchange will be the buyer's responsibility
  • All shipping costs to and from the buyer are non-refundable

We do not offer any warranty on purchases made by the General Public. If the
General Public would like their purchases to be covered by a warranty, the General
Public must provide proof of a repair
invoice from a Certified Electronics Technician
and/or TV Repair Center with business name, contact
information, diagnosis, and
date of estimate. Estimate date must be documented before or on the date of
Any invoice with a date after the day of purchase will be considered void. To better
understand why TV Parts Guy operates on a AS-IS, no warranty basis, please click

Any repair center used must specialize in TV Repair or be listed on our approved list
of service
centers that can be found on TV Parts Guy Repair Center Directory.

Policy For Certified Service Centers ONLY:

  • All Certified Service Centers will receive 20% off all orders
  • All Certified Service Center purchases carry a 90-day warranty.
  • All Store Credit returns will be processed in 1 business day
  • All Store Credit returns will receive a paid return shipping label
  • All Store Credit returns will receive Store Credit of the purchase price only
  • All Returns for an exchange will be processed in 2-3 business days
  • All Returns for a refund will incur a 20% restocking fee
  • All return shipping for an exchange or a refund will be the buyer's responsibility
  • All shipping costs to and from the buyer are non-refundable
  • No Restocking Fee is applied when returning items for Store Credit
  • No Restocking Fee is applied when returning items for an Exchange

*These terms are subject to change without notice and upon the discretion of
TPG representatives and all its associates and affiliates.

If an item is ordered, it is presumed that the buyer has read, understood, and accepts
wholly and
completely: (1) that it is a binding contract, (2) the terms and conditions
as prescribed herein, but
not limited to, TV Parts Guy's (TPG) policies and FAQ's
page, and (3) any and/or all instructions
issued by TPG representatives, associates
and/or their affiliates and will follow them as instructed.