#11: Identifying the T-Con Board inside a TV

Posted by TV Parts Guy Team on 9th Jun 2015

Suppose for a moment that you've jumped on the internet and read on various forums that your TV's problem lies in the "T-Con Board." Suppose again that you've opened up your LCD TV or LED TV and you're taking in the layout and are utterly confused at what exactly you're looking at. You've searched high and low inside your TV and can't seem to figure out which one of those circuit boards is the T-Con Board. Today, we're going to discuss the best method to identify the T-Con Board inside your TV.

First of all, before we get into that, it may be helpful to bear in mind that the T-Con Board goes by various other names.

  • Controller Board
  • Control Board
  • CTRL Board
  • LCD Controller
  • Timing Control

Any one of these names all refer to the same thing. But to be sure that you are getting the correct board, we recommend that you always search a TV part by its part number. This entry explains why searching by part number is absolutely crucial to ensure you get the correct part that you need. 

Now, let us return to your TV. So you've successfully removed the back of your TV and you're looking at the monstrosity that is the inside of your TV. Maybe your TV has several metal enclosures covering up each of the circuit boards. Maybe your TV just has several metal brackets blocking the complete view of those circuit boards. And if you're fortunate, there won't be any brackets or metal enclosures blocking your view of any of the circuit boards but this is highly not likely. "Golly!!! Which one of these boards is the T-Con Board?" you might ask yourself. The simplest answer to that is to find that one board that has one or more flat, white, and flexible ribbon cable(s) that is attached to a small. thin rectangular board. The size of this board varies by TV size. They could be as small as a 15-count pack of chewing gum to as large as roughly the size of a regular letter-sized envelope. Occasionally, but not too often, the T-Con Board can be squarish in shape and be the size of a typical "Banquet 7 oz frozen pot pie" size. 

These ribbon cables are paper thin and about 1 to 2.5 inches wide. The number of ribbon cables attached to this board also varies by TV size. Generally, the smaller the TV, the fewer ribbon cables are directly attached to the board. Usually one or two is consider normal. However, as the TV becomes larger, it is not unusual to see up to four ribbon cables attached to it. And these ribbon cables, by the way, circles around to the TV panel itself. It is directly attached as a "one-piece" to the TV panel. These ribbon cables are not hard to miss because there is only one set of these ribbon cables in any LCD TV or LED TV that is directly attached to the TV panel itself. (**CAUTION**: Be extra careful when removing these ribbon cables from the T-Con Board, especially the ones that circle back around to the TV panel itself. Damage to these ribbon cables attached to the TV panel will permanently damage the way the panel functions. Remember, these cables are made as a "one piece" along with the panel and there is no fix once these cables are damaged. If damaged, you can kiss your panel goodbye.)

Another way to locate the T-Con Board is to locate the Main Board and trace that one very distinctive-looking wire up to the T-Con Board. This distinctive wire vary in size and length but the one key thing that holds true in all circumstances is that it's always connected to the Main Board. It isn't typically connected to the Backlight Inverter Boards, Power Supply, or LED Drivers (in the case of the LED TV's) but there are instances where there will be a "intermediary" circuit board that will bridge the Main Board with the T-Con Board. This "intermediary" circuit board is not the T-Con Board. It may look like it and may even be about the same size and length but it isn't and that's something worth keeping in mind. And these intermediary circuit boards are generally found in larger TV's, usually 40 inches and above. Now, we say "up" to the T-Con Board mainly because the T-Con Board is typically located on the top middle portion of an LED TV or LCD TV. Occasionally, it may be located directly on top of the Main Board with metal brackets supporting it while the Main Board lies directly beneath it. 

Lastly, the final way to locate the T-Con Board is to look for that one circuit board that has one really large chip on it that looks just like CPU. Generally speaking, it is not unusual for this board to be fully enclosed in a metal case, which you  would have to manually remove. 

And that sums up finding the T-Con Board in an LCD TV or LED TV. We hope that this guide helped narrow down your search for that elusive T-Con Board located inside your TV.