Samsung LED Backlight Strips (Complete Set of 27 Strips) BN96-40275A / BN96-40276A / BN96-40277A

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ZOSPBN96-40275A-76A-77A-FULL SET
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Samsung UA70KU6000GXXP
Samsung UA70KU6000KPXD
Samsung UA70KU6000KXXM
Samsung UA70KU6000KXXS
Samsung UA70KU6000KXXT
Samsung UA70KU6000KXXV
Samsung UA70KU6000SXNZ
Samsung UA70KU6000WXXY
Samsung UA70KU6300JXXZ
Samsung UA70KU6310JXXZ
Samsung UA70KU7000KXWT
Samsung UA70KU7000KXXA
Samsung UA70KU7000KXZN
Samsung UA70KU7000RXMM
Samsung UA70KU7000RXTW
Samsung UA70KU7000RXUM
Samsung UE70KU6000KXXC
Samsung UE70KU6000KXXU
Samsung UE70KU6000KXZF
Samsung UE70KU6000KXZT
Samsung UE70KU6000WXXH
Samsung UE70KU6000WXXN
Samsung UE70KU6070UXZG
Samsung UE70KU6072UXXH
Samsung UE70KU6075UXXE
Samsung UE70KU6079UXZG
Samsung UE70KU7000UXTK
Samsung UN70KU6000FXZX
Samsung UN70KU6000GXZS
Samsung UN70KU6290FXZC
Samsung UN70KU6300FXZA EA01
Samsung UN70KU630DFXZA
Samsung UN70KU6000GXZD
Samsung UA70KU6000WXZW
Samsung UA70KU7000WXHC

DESCRIPTION: LED LIGHT STRIP SET OF 27 (you will receive 9-BN96-40275A, 9-BN96-40276A, 9-BN96-40277A)
PART#:  BN96-40275A / BN96-40276A / BN96-40277A
NOTES/COMMENTS: Please make sure you are ordering the right part#. Same model TVs can use different part #'s.
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S-L27(MCA71620); S-L28(MCA72920); S-L29(MCA11221)X4; S-32(MCA12721)X2; S-L6A(MCA42621); S-L17(MCA41822)X3; USED: SL9(AA21219); S-L27(MCA62420); SL20(#92514); SL3(AA4418)X3;

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